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At Diligence Soft, We offer Pay Per Click Campaigns (PPC) as an approach to web marketing apart from the Search Engine Optimization (SEO) strategy to attract more visitors to the website and thereby promoting your business. PPC is one of the best ways to get more visibility for any webpage, by listing the ads for your business to appear on the top and right of the organic search engine results. We offer extensive campaigns through Google Adwords, Bing Adwords and also Facebook ads at the most affordable rate to create a magical reach of your website and make it grow multiple folds in a very short time.


How does this PPC works?

To get your website on the top of the search results will take a lot of hard work and in-depth technical knowledge on how the search engine algorithm works. If you do not have high proficiency in the website optimization, the best alternative is to promote your business by publishing some ads. These ads will be featured either on top or at the right of the search engine results and thereby it will get attract new visitors to your site.

To get yourself started with PPC, you have to pay certain amount to the search engines like Google or Bing to publish your ads. When someone clicks on the ad and visit your website, there will be a Current Cost per Click (CPC) deducted from your account. Once your account reaches zero balance, Google will stop running your ads and you may have to recharge your account yet again.


How Diligence Soft make your Pay per Click Campaign successful?

Although it may seem to be simple to get your PPC launched, there are some tricks and tips which you should know to make it successful. And this is where you need the aid of an expert like Diligence Soft to avoid any disaster and make it more effective.

At Diligence Soft, we follow three basic rules and stick to it for getting higher visibility to any website.

1. We create goals for your PPC:

  • We first analyze your business carefully and try to find out a set of target audience. With this, we will do the needed research for choosing the right keywords and catchy text for the ads, by keeping in mind the needs of the potential customers. We also make sure that the content on the website or the landing page is relevant to the text used in the ad campaigns to make it more reachable.
  • We clearly identify the expected outcome from the PPC campaign and try to put that as a call for action in the ads that we publish to direct more number of visitors to the landing page.
  • We also set up certain ways to measure the success of the PPC campaigns before even launching them. We make sure the tracking URLs are set up to monitor the Paid search traffic and also continue to do an on-going analysis to check if any keywords needs to added or paused.

2. Establish Simple and Relevant campaigns

At Diligence Soft, we keep two things in mind for any PPC campaign that we launch. One is to make the ad texts relevant to the respective keyword and also the landing page to make it more sensible. And the other is to keep the entire campaign structure simple and manageable to make it easier for daily monitoring to better identify the pitfalls.

3. Establish Simple and Relevant campaigns

If you are running a local business and your target audience are only within your nation, then we will setup your Google Adwords and PPC specific to your geographic region. This will not only invite the right set of audience, but it will also save your money a lot, which will otherwise easily get depleted with inappropriate visitors.


Our three main PPC Services:

At Diligence Soft, we provide extensive campaign through the following three ways to promote any business:

  • Google Adwords
  • Bing Adwords
  • Facebook Ads

At Diligence Soft, we have a dedicated team of experienced professionals who have successfully handled many PPC campaigns and received acclamations from the clients all over the world. We offer cost effective PPC campaigns and value every penny of our customers. Join hands with us today, you will see your business reaching unbelievable horizons very soon!


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